Thursday, March 10, 2011

Conservative on Target: Hits, Happy Hour, Quips, Quotes & More – 3/10/11

Sad and sick! Pakistani hospitals see epidemic of Muslim marital rape: "If I refuse the angels will curse me all night"
What idiot federal corruptocrat came up with this? The entire Florida House delegation sent a letter to the WH opposing a plan to change the reporting requirements for foreigners' deposits in U.S. banks.They claim the rule would oblige the IRS to report those deposits to foreigners' home countries.

Has Harry Reid finally gone round the bend or just down the rabbit hole?: Dems rush to save cowboy poetry and other boondoggles
The Weekly Standard: Sometimes I wonder if the people that write for Huffington Post are aware there's an election next year: "Obama Should Endorse Same-Sex Marriages for Immigration Purposes."

Hats off to the Tea Party Republicans, including Allen West, who Fight Compromise After Senate Defeats Budget Plan! Let’s win this government shutdown face-off!

QUICK HITS by Heritage

  • According to Gallup, of seven possible ways to balance their own states’ budgets, Americans are most likely to favor cutting back on state programs (65 percent) and reducing the number of state workers (62 percent).
  • The head of National Public Radio quit yesterday after an NPR executive was caught on tape disparaging the Tea Party and admitting NPR would be better off without government funding.
  • House Speaker John Boehner (R–OH) announced Wednesday that the House will defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.
  • Americans expect gas prices to rise to $4.36 a gallon this year, and more than one in four foresee prices rising to or exceeding $5 per gallon.
  • According to a new Ipsos poll, the proportion of people who believe the United States is on the wrong track is 64 percent, a two-year low.

Weekly Standard Happy Hour