Monday, March 7, 2011

Read & watch “Interview with a Gunfighter”


Although I would not recommend that you ever sit down for an interview with the news media after killing two armed home invaders, the following unedited news video will teach you many important lessons.
The most important lessons you will glean from this personal, lethal encounter report include:

  • Mindset is everything. (Note what he said to himself when he made the decision to fight.)
  • Training is only second to mindset. (Note what he says about his training.)
  • Action always beats reaction. (As long as you hit with your first shot.)
  • In a Gunfight, Rule # 1 is HAVE A GUN. (Note what he says about where and how he keeps his concealed weapons.)
  • When it is truly self defense, there is no criminal liability or questions about your actions. (And no need to apologize for fighting to save your own life.)
  • Anyone can be a target. (Note how and why he was set-up.)
  • Criminals get their guns from the most unlikely sources. (Another reason why law abiding citizens should never be disarmed.)

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to watch an unedited interview with a law abiding private citizen who did what he had to do... and did it well.

Click here to see the interview! DON’T MISS THIS AMERICAN HERO’S STORY!

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