Thursday, March 3, 2011

Propaganda or Reality? News from Obama News Network…


After reading my Bible this morning, I decided to see what the other side was up to, so I watched a little CNN. They were reporting on the attack on American service men at Frankfurt airport that killed two and left another badly wounded.

The infobabes – in this case it was more like infohags – were doing their best to downplay the fact they the victims were US military. They spoke hopefully that the airmen were dressed in civilian garb with no evidence to support their reporting fantasies. The word “attack” never crossed their lips, but I’m not sure what other word would be more appropriate to describe someone approaching a group of people and shooting at them.

I guess to a Ted Turner news organization, the idea, as frightening as it may be, of someone killing random targets is more acceptable than a premeditated attack on our country. The one even rarely happens, and fortunately for them, it happened to someone else and makes great copy. The other event demands a response unless, of course, we were to follow the past Obama approach of apology and surrender.

If it were conscious attack on people wearing the US uniform, what does it mean? Who did it? Why did they do it? This would put them in the uncomfortable position of reporting that a peaceful religionist who only wants foreign invaders out of Muslim lands actually took part in this violent act of killing Americans – then telling us that it was just the work of a violent extremist who did not represent his Islamic brethren… all the while attempting to perpetuate the myth that every tea partier is a closet Timothy McVeigh. Read the rest …

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