Monday, March 7, 2011

Chompin’ the Miami Herald, Broward & Unions > Wavin’ West, Tea Parties

Clashes possible as 'progressives,' tea parties mobilize on session opening day! Tea Partiers: Please make sure you are there and ready to avoid the violent and divisive tactics the paid progressive thugs will throw at you!

Heartening Headline Watch: In the Miami Herald > “Broward: Little power in Capitol”! Seems Broward is the last Democratic stronghold in FL…

Unlike the web edition, one of the Miami Herald’s Local & State section’s headlines read “Campaign Flier [note misspelling] irks voters, opponent”.
If the “opponent”s colors had been reversed, aren’t you sure that the headline would have read “[Racist] campaign flier …”?

Allen West just co-sponsored the bi-partisan SAFE for America Act of 2011 that would end the Visa Lottery. The Visa Lottery issues 50,000 green cards based on "random selection" instead of humanitarian need, family connection, or other economic or cultural value to the United States.

Alcee Hastings sued for harassment – How many suits does it take to fill his bingo card and retire or convict him gain?