Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't break the law! - Power of the Second Amendment

By Cynthia D. Jardon

…The homeowners who used guns to protect themselves and their homes helped me and every other homeowner who doesn't want to have a gun. They sent a message:

support choicePeople will protect their own, and it could cost you your life. We know we can't always count on the police to be there on time, so we must be able to count on ourselves.

Intruders are unlikely to know which house on the block has a gun in it and an owner willing to use it.

Even as you read this, never underestimate anything. Just because I don't want a gun in my home doesn't mean there isn't one.

I pray that I am never faced with the choice of shooting an intruder. I pray that I am never in a position, however right I may be, who must live with the thought that I took someone's life.

I also pray that if that time comes and I must protect my family, I can pull the trigger and live with the consequences.

But here's the real answer to all of that: Don't break the law. Don't steal or break into homes, and you'll likely never face the end of a gun barrel. Read more…

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