Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Please check out and comment on my web newspapers …

I am fascinated by a new effort that organizes web newspapers in various ways. Because I spend so many hours reviewing blogs and other on-line postings, I have been looking for a way to show you the best of what I review quickly and then concentrate on 4 or 5 posts that I individualize in this blog. What these new newspapers do is take the bloggers I find valuable and organize a newspaper around their offerings.

I hope you enjoy these and let me know by commenting below if this is a worthwhile effort.

The papers are categorically organized and updated every 24 hours. Just click on the links below to read them.

Tea Party
Veteran (coming)
Second Amendment (coming)
Pro-Life (coming)

By the way, the few advertisements are added by the aggregator and I do not receive any revenues from them. For as long as I can, my blog itself will be advertisement-free.