Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cartoons: “2/3rds Rule”, “Hitting Bottom” and “What A Lemon”

from [ 8 months into the year and we still don’t have a budget. What other evidence is needed to show that the progressive statists want to be completely free to spend anything they can pass. – JS ]

from hopenchange
  To the great disappointment of many on the Left, the White House Correspondents Association has voted to move FOX News to the front row of the Whitehouse pressroom to the fill the vacancy left by Helen "Get the Jews out of Palestine" Thomas.
  Despite the online efforts of and liberal bloggers to move NPR to the front row, FOX got the well-deserved nod. But the lefties still hilariously claimed victory for their 411,000 signature campaign because Associated Press (which had already been in the front row) was moved into Helen's still-moist seat, and FOX took the AP's former seat.
  All of which would seem like a silly game of musical chairs, except for our delight that FOX's Major Garrett will not only be in the front row, but increasingly in the faces of the Whitehouse spokespeople.


from [ See this previous cartoon on the Volt – JS ]