Sunday, November 25, 2012

Conservative on Target! 11/25/12

Now this really makes some immigration sense:

" – other than by race or ethnicity – could there be a reelection of the incumbent Administration? This is and will remain a topic of discussion until we have a uniform rule of voting. One rule in particular is a voter identification card with a photo I.d. Another is a suggestion that with the implementing of E-Verify machines to verify any person’s national alliance or the right to work in our nation should be accompanied by granting the individual verified with a card similar to this one."

Folks - You must read 3 Key Metrics That Show Why We Can't Avoid Recession. I finally feel like maybe I understand why the current economy seems out of kilter and where it is headed. To put it simply, our deleveraging was interrupted by a massive stimulus that can only lead to a resumption of deleveraging in some very scary manner! I do add that the result may be fearful and variable. Will it be recession, hyper-inflation, or, maybe worst of all, stagflation? 

Hmmm.. Will the government put us back on a sort-of gold standard by reclassifying gold as as a Tier 1 asset?

The U.S. Dollar, Obama And The Gold Standard

The New Normal: Turning Back Cultural Marxism:

Post-presidential election commentary has focused on demographic trends.  Another trend should also be noted, and that is cultural Marxism, a movement that seeks the elimination of codes of behavior, binding obligations, and moral standards.  With President Obama's re-election, this drift will intensify.    Rousseau-inspired cultural Marxists aim to convert our country from a virtue-based community to a wilderness of wildly autonomous selves.  In Rousseau's own words, these elites seek to "force us to be free" -- free in particular from self-evident and objective truth.   As has been the case for the last four years, this state-sanctioned amorality will be bureaucratically implemented and ignored by a pornography-addled media invested in the system's success.  Resistance to this attack on virtue will occur in the social issue trenches, be exhausting but faith-enabled, and likely require court intervention.

Give Me Liberty or I'm Taking it!

Noting that most Republicans today believe their party’s leaders are out of touch with the base, Scott Rasmussen in his latest weekly newspaper column argues that the GOP needs to re-embrace the message of Ronald Reagan. “The Republican establishment grumbles about makers versus takers,” he writes. “Reagan looked at low-income Americans and saw people who wanted an opportunity to work hard and get ahead. He saw a nation that was happy to extend a helping hand to all who were willing to work. … For Republicans to win again (nationally), they will have to respect the people they want to represent.”


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