Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We finally have the transparency Obama promised!

Yes, these periodic rays of hope keep me going! We’re getting the transparency Obama promised us.

In “A Virtuous Filibuster on Free Speech - An affront to the First Amendment” the WSJ printed:

One reality of the U.S. Senate is that a united minority can stop bad legislation, and Republicans did precisely that yesterday in preventing a vote on the blatantly partisan effort to limit the free political speech of some Americans but not of others.

Sometimes this filibuster power can be abused, but yesterday's legislation is the kind it was made for. House and Senate Democrats, egged on by President Obama, want to limit what corporations can spend on political campaigns, while not imposing similar limits on their union friends. Previous campaign finance reforms, however misguided, have at least waited an election cycle to take effect. But Democrats want to give unions a leg up this year, as they scramble to maintain their majorities in the face of rising voter anger against liberal policies.

The vote was 57-41, short of the 60 needed to move ahead, but Majority Leader Harry Reid switched his vote at the last minute to the minority so he can bring up the measure again. (Nevada Republican John Ensign didn't vote.) We hope Republicans stay united and keep defeating this affront to the First Amendment.

Rich Galen in “Out of Touch Out of Mind” says about the Disclose Act: “It helped define a White House which has demonstrated it is woefully out of touch, and may be out of its political mind.”

If you heard the hogwash by Obama and Reid, and that’s all you heard, you would have been sure that this was all a blatant GOP attempt to bury free speech, to protect large corporations, to once again slam the little guy. Fortunately the little guy is now seeing through all of the progressive pandering. Unfortunately, for Obama and the progressives, this is not the transparency Obama says he wanted.

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