Wednesday, July 28, 2010

“WickiMurdered”, “Breitbart-made-me-do-it”, “Polarizer-In-Chief”, “He promised..”

Our Polarizer-In-Chief is leading us deeper and deeper into statist slavery!

WikiLeaks will get you WikiMurdered > Julian Assange is an irresponsible, traitorous twit! 

Isn't there a more intellectually honest defense of the NAACP and BHO than Breitbart-made-me-do-it?  From Leonard Pitts at The Miami Herald:
  “The NAACP was so desperate to protect itself from Breitbart's narrative that it promptly condemned Sherrod without even checking if the video was legit.
  Team Obama was so desperate to avoid furthering the right wing's ``liberal extremist'' narrative that it sacked Sherrod from the Agriculture Department without asking if she was really the hate monger Breitbart said.” Read more of this intellectual dishonesty…

SWAMP Watch! Deal or not, Rangel won't go to tax prison like the rest of us would! This is truly politics at its worst.

Our Divisive President - He promised post-partisanship > He's played racial politics: Rather than being a unifier, Mr. Obama has divided America on the basis of race, class and partisanship. Moreover, his cynical approach to governance has encouraged his allies to pursue a similar strategy of racially divisive politics on his behalf. Read more…

"What do you think of God?" the teacher asked.  After a pause the young pupil replied, "He's not a think, He's a feel."  Paul Frost  

The redeeming thing about the Sherrod fiasco is that racist demagogic drivel is now more pitiful! 
  Thus, through a confluence of bizarrely unlikely events, the vicious act of falsely accusing people of racism became a laughing stock. It went from being a career killer to a punch line; from villainy to vaudeville; from knife in the back to pie in the face…
  Then Mrs. Sherrod goes on CNN with Anderson Cooper and says she thinks that Andrew Breitbart wants America to return to slavery for the blacks. And that is the last mainstream television seems to want to present of Mrs. Sherrod live and unedited. After dominating the news for the week, the eloquent Mrs. Sherrod is not invited to a single Sunday show.
  And so did the rank cynicism of overplaying the race card turn that dreaded knave into a joker. Read more…

100 Days Later, BHO Still Failing the Gulf: Who is accountable in BHO's administration? Apparently, nobody:  [ This is one of the better 100 day summations of the Obama disaster that hit the Gulf! – JS ]

“This idea that the government has services or goods that they can pass on is a complete farce. Governments have nothing. They can't create anything, they never have. All they can do is steal from one group and give it to another at the destruction of the principles of freedom, and we
ought to challenge that concept." -- Ron Paul