Saturday, July 17, 2010

American Jeopardy: What is Fascism?

By John Griffing

National Fascist Party flag, 1930s–1940s.'''Over the years, words lose meaning and often take on new forms that in no way represent their original usage.  This can be observed in the now taboo word "fascism."  Fascism is now most closely associated with the system of government that effected the slaughter of over 6 million Jews and other political prisoners.  But at its core, fascism is really no more than a system where government, through agreements with the private sector, controls virtually all property and income indirectly

Prosperity and economic growth become the domain of government.  The philosophical aim is to eliminate recessions by eliminating robust growth -- the underlying philosophy being that if there is no boom, there will be no bust.  This system usually appeals to populations coming out of severe economic depressions and upheaval, as in pre-Nazi Germany during the period of the 1930s. 

The problem with the system is obvious:  property-owning democracy must take a back seat to the interests of the state.  And, by blurring the distinction between the private sector and the public sector, individual liberty can often be conditioned on complicity with state aims, as manifested in the private sector sphere.  Why else would German companies like Degesch be willing to supply the infamous Zyclon-B for use in the extermination of their fellow men if not conditioned upon the continued viability of the company and all employees concernedMoney talks, and when the state controls the powers of production directly or indirectly, it controls the livelihood of millions.  Human beings are capable of such immense evil in exchange for clothing and a full pantry…

Fascism is, however, correctly associated with tyranny since nations that employ the tenets of fascism almost always transition from a republican or parliamentary form of government to some sort of personality cult usually centered on an economic "savior."  Fascism requires extensive state control, and if this control is not centralized in a singular personality, the results will be muddied and plagued with excessive overlap.  Many envisioned President Obama in this way prior to the election, and President Obama certainly did not hesitate to utilize workers' paradise imagery during his campaign…….. 

America is being remade in an antiquated fascist image.

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