Monday, November 2, 2009

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IMPORTANT! Is the Republican Label Irrelevant? You betcha! Here's what it needs to do:

"Recessions over..." Cartoon

A Generation of Sociopaths - the downfall of America will come from the inside #tcot #tiot

Luis Palau: Telling Others the Gospel, Even When It's Difficult

"As We See Fit": Hate Crimes Law Opens Many Doors - Did BHO mean to support bestiality, pedophilia or worse?"

Will Corzine Allies Steal the Election in NJ? ACORN, Dirty Tricks and Absentee Ballot Fraud

Hoffman holds commanding lead in final PPP poll of NY-23 race...

PelosiCare = The Worst Bill Ever! > ^spending, ^taxes, ^insurance, rationed care, lying accounting:

FOR OUR WARRIORS! - Yes, You Make Me PROUD! (Music Video)

Step Up!  “Public offices were not made for private convenience.” -Thomas Jefferson #tcot

Thomas Jefferson: "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms...disarm only those.."

Extending the Recession Indefinitely - why do BHO's boys insist on repeating this economic disaster?

Praying for 9 missing warriors and their families using God's Promises of Protection

WH visitor log issue just trying to take our eyes off ObamaCare