Thursday, January 1, 2015

Secure Freedom NOW!

By John Sykes

Frank Gaffney Jr. at The Center For Policy Security suggests:
2014 was marked by the emergence of an array of daunting challenges to our country and its people. An insecure border was breached by untold numbers of children and other illegal aliens drawn by the promise of amnesty, which President Obama delivered without congressional assent.
The President continued aligning the United States with its enemies – from the jihadists of Iran to the Castros’ Cuba to the ever-more-aggressive Chinese. And little, if anything, is being done to secure our electric grid.
The net effect of such developments has been to put us at risk, and invite worse in the year to come.
So let us resolve in 2015 to take corrective actions to secure freedom. Starting today.
To which I quickly, forcefully but lovingly, also urge you to secure the freedom found in Christ!