Friday, September 26, 2014

ACCEPT IT! We Are All Equal, Not Identical

By John Sykes

From American Thinker:

Milton Friedman once observed that those societies that emphasis liberty will produce a somewhat higher rate of equality, while those societies that emphasize equality will produce tyranny, since only a tyranny can enforce absolute equality.  If we replace the world equality with identicality, the real problem becomes even more evident.
What is now being mandated in the West is not equality, which all sides concede, but indenticality.  If it is expressed that way, the lunacy becomes evident.  Everyone is equal, but no one is identical.
No one is suggesting that this or that ethnic group, or gender, be denied a vote, but we should not be legislating an artificial indenticality that nature itself does not demonstrate.  It is sufficient to legislate and require an equal fair chance to any individual irrespective of background, but after that, we should allow Thomas Jefferson's natural aristocracy of talent to prevail.
Let us accept that all are equal, but not all are identical.  Then we can change our social policies to reflect reality, without sacrificing civil rights.