Friday, May 30, 2014

Must this end with the blood of We-The-Serfs?

By John Sykes

I've reluctantly concluded that we're no longer a free-market, capitalist economy and haven't been for quite some time. We now are in the clutches of a very unholy alliance of  Big Government, Big Business & Big Politics. That alliance, the Bigs, no longer works primarily for the good of the whole but for that of the Ruling Class, the very small percentage of the population at the top. Some dare to call this fascism!

The "rising tide raises all boats" school now is raising only the big boats. The rest of the boats are floundering, filling up with water, but not quite yet sinking. 

My finality on all this came not from observation of politics but, more importantly, the study of economics. In general, I side with the free market Austrian school which looks primarily to the human interactions that make up our market place, not a bunch of data that is correlative rather than causative, and which can easily be manipulated by our minders.

This is truly about outnumbered producers vs. the majority of parasites existing on both ends of the economic spectrum! In the final stage of this economy, our minders are destroying the productivity, wills and ways of workers, savers and entrepreneurs - the productive 45%.  The Bigs are frantically using their last tools to pander to those they have already enslaved and to artificially inflate returns to the Ruling Class. 

Put simply, our minders and their Central Banks, rather than stimulating production with free market tools, are pumping out more and more bogus money which first goes directly to the Bigs and from them immediately to the Ruling Class. You see - those who get this artificial, extremely low cost money profit because they buy our real goods, our real houses, and our real labor from us with that new valueless and untaxed money which we either can't get at all or gets to us way too late - after an inevitable inflation!.

In the end, this bogus money will  inflate us out of any meaningful participation in the market. We become serfs. The Bigs and The Ruling Class become our Lords. And we revert to a modernized, iphonic feudal system.

Inflation is taxation and taxation is robbery. I would prefer to face an armed robber with a gun in my face than the silent, slimy and mostly invisible pickpocket using regulations and inflation to pick me clean!

This will end one of two ways: (1) With reversion to the cultural and economic freedoms that built this country or (2) With the plunder and blood of We-The-People, soon to be We-The-Serfs.

It's time to #PushBack!