Sunday, June 9, 2013

Radicalization, Metastasizing Progresivism, Transforming America & More - Conservative on Target!

The Radicalization of the Church:   ...the problems that confront orthodox Christians cry out for the establishment of a new and viable Christian culture. At the heart of this establishment is a need for Christians to acknowledge and profess that they are not like everyone else, to stand up for their unique identity, an identity that distinguishes and sets them apart from secular society. Rather than absorb and mimic the contemporary cultural milieu, the Church must do the hard work of re-establishing and defending orthodox Christian theology and Christian institutions while defending both from the ongoing inroads of the almighty State.   The endeavor is daunting. But the work must be done lest the Church continue to fall prey to ideological phantasms bearing little or no resemblance to the Christianity that at one time had and still has the spiritual power to be a light that changes the world.

The Metastasizing of Progressivism in America:
   The progressive philosophy is based on the idea of the supremacy of a few, a “better class.” It’s history is rooted in racism, eugenics and genocide, but that is for another op-ed. Members of the “better class” are self-declared intellectuals who know your needs better than you. Everyone judges, and it’s normal to feel this way when offering advice to friends. But friends are free to take or reject the advice. That’s not good enough for progressives. They legislate their advice; you have no choice but to take it...
   The progressive philosophy is coagulating in our national stew, just as it has everywhere it’s woven its destructive self into the fabric of a culture. It is manifesting itself in the ever-growing list of scandals we are seeing today and is personified by the activists parading as journalists on MSNBC who seek to silence and destroy those who dare challenge their claim to moral superiority. To that claim, and every other attempt to curtail individual liberty through manipulation of news and culture, conservatives must stand tall and offer an alternative.

A Failure to Communicate:
   The attitude of both of these individuals is symptomatic of the belief held by many on the Right that we must always tread with caution lest we give the Left mud to sling at us. The Left will make the mud and sling it at us regardless. Their accusations and misrepresentations never stop. The most effective means of combating them will involve a more sophisticated communications plan that educates the public -- including and especially the Low Information Voter -- on a continual basis and on our terms...
   Success in communications will require collective action. It will also demand a paradigm shift in attitude on the part of those who favor caution. It represents, however, more than an "advertising campaign." It is an educational effort designed to bring the public to an appreciation of what the Founders gave us and what we stand to lose if it buys the wrong "brand."

To Swab or Not to Swab
 The case against mandatory DNA swabbing appears much stronger than the case presented by proponents.  Of course, there will be some who say that the reasons given against mandatory DNA swabbing amount to nothing more than conjecture or the work of conspiracy theorists.  But considering what is going on within our government, the above fears are entirely feasible.
   All of this notwithstanding, though, when considering the spirit and intent of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, mandatory DNA profiling is clearly unconstitutional.

ACTION ALERT! Tell Your Senators to Oppose the Gang of 8's Amnesty Bill!

Transforming America One Political Appointee at a TimeAn old adage says that "personnel is policy."  Clearly, President Obama's political appointees are burrowing into the government agencies to implement their far-left, radical ideology; they are quite literally transforming America, just as the President promised he would do.

Understanding the VICIOUSNESS of the Gay Left: Simultaneous totalitarianism & anomie have shaped it ..: The National Organization for Marriage became the target of the Human Rights Campaign's seasoned and entrenched method of coping with the universal disappointments of real life. Had there been no National Organization for Marriage, the HRC would have seized upon a different target -- a church, a random conservative blogger, a Knights of Columbus lodge. Nobody assailed by the HRC should ever take the mean-spiritedness personally. Nor, I must add, should they give in to it. The more you feed the beast that is dysfunctional gay activism, the greater the beast will grow. As I learned during the AIDS crisis, its first victims are usually other gays.

What’s Behind The Verizon Scandal?: It is this context that gathering information about average Americans makes perfect sense from the administrations view point. The Islamic terrorists may be able to kill a few of the people, but they really don’t pose much of a threat to an administration deeply covered by the most sophisticated security on the planet. We Christians, constitutionalists – freedom loving Americans do constitute a threat to the dictatorial powers that be. We are the ones who can dethrone Emperor Obama and his merry band of progressives. We are the ones that need to be watched, and we are the ones they are watching.

Obama administration: ORWELLIAN or HUXLEYAN? Are we surrendering our freedoms willingly or by force?