Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leftus Ignoramus

By John Sykes

From Bruce Walker
Leftus Ignoramus is the product of several malodorous confluences. First, the left has strived mightily to dumb down ordinary Americans. And it has succeeded: half of all Americans between age 18 and 34 cannot find Texas on a map of American states. 
 Second, the establishment leftist media gives a pass to every stupid gaffe by its cadres. The gathering of "select" media around Obama today -- a sort of Praetorian Guard of the very Fourth Estate which is supposed to protect us from Praetorian Guards -- ensures that a man who can do only one thing well -- read a teleprompter -- is never tested on his knowledge of the word. 
 Third, leftists all believe that facts exist only to support ideology, and may even be invented to support leftism. In one case, the notorious "fact" that wife-battering jumped during the Super Bowl turned out to be based upon...nothing at all. Only the persistence of Christina Hoff Sommers uncovered this bit of whole cloth.
Fourth and perhaps most ominously, leftists like to be led by ignoramuses, particularly ignoramuses who are blissfully unaware of just how little they know. Leftists need -- indeed, leftism cannot survive without -- true believers who know nothing but believe that their ideology is true and trumps all facts.
 Leftus Ignoramous is no accident. He is a Frankenstein created with purpose.
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