Monday, May 13, 2013

Enemy Within.. , Leaders, Factual Relations, Down Low Brother & More Conservatism

The Enemy from Within and the Enemy from Without:
   ...And then comes the fairy tale: if only (how much of the thinking on the left is qualified by this conditional construction!) we admit our failures, change our ways, give them [Muslims] what they want, and show them that we are nice people and just want to be friends, then they will respond accordingly, because they do not really mean us any harm, but are only responding to our provocations.  And we will love them, and they in turn will learn to love us.  And finally the world will be one happy place where everybody sits around the campfire singing kumbaya.
   This manner of thinking is very reminiscent of a starry-eyed animal lover who, thinking that the bear is so cute and cuddly, goes over to pet the bear and winds up getting seriously mauled...

SUCCINCT & POWERFUL! How to choose your leaders: ... select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain... Exo 18:21


 Homage to a Down Low Brother
   ...It will be said that 2013 was the year that the great dam burst open and America relented to the lure of homosexual normalization. And furthermore, what was not so long ago believed almost universally to be a perversion or neurosis is now heralded as a Profile in Courage. As for the Big Picture: this current Crusade of Behavioral Emancipation doubtlessly has been methodically engineered on many fronts so that it appears to have arrived on the wind organically to commence with the relentless buffeting of American culture into intimidated acquiescence. For whatever purpose, the normalization of polymorphous sexuality seems to harbor some Mystical Good for a utopian society of the future. Along with the faux virtues of Material Redistribution and Secular Humanism, Homosexual Normalization is an agenda that has been prepared for us by diverse yet interconnected nodes of media and political power. It is no secret that they have sleeplessly labored to both entice and engorge our collective consciousness with "happy thoughts" on gender homogeneity -- just look at your television programming if you still require evidence... if you can stomach it.
   Having finally tilted past critical mass and begrudgingly accepted the Great Cultural Divorce from revelation, tradition, nature and reason, how good it is to know that soon nothing will any longer be denied us as the exotic objects of our desires and passions. It is only now a matter of time before any combination of the diverse couplings and modes of being entertained by our darkened ingenuity can come into full flower; and who are we to pass judgment on that wondrous blessing?

"We may be thankful that frightened civil authorities ... have not managed to eradicate from the country the tradition of the possession and use of firearms, that profound and almost instinctive tradition of Americans. Luckily for us, our tradition of bearing arms has not gone from the country, the tradition is so deep and so dear to us that it is one of the most treasured parts of the Bill of Rights -- the right of all Americans to bear arms, with the implication that they will know how to use them." -- John Steinbeck


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