Monday, March 25, 2013

Starbucks – The Intolerance of Excessive Tolerance

By Larry Miller at

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that those who scream the loudest about the supposed virtue of tolerance, tend to be the least tolerant people in society… and that their feigned openness is just an excuse to promote one agenda or another that is not generally accepted.

Those who are promoting the inclusion of homosexuals in the marriage laws are often not so open to other points of view. They do not just want to be left alone, they want to see to it everyone that else falls in line with their desire to promote practices they tell us are nobodies business as they take place in private, behind closed doors. It is obvious that the homosexual community has moved far beyond seeking the right to be left alone. This is the very thing conservatives and libertarians have been pursuing for years – for everyone.

At a recent shareholders meeting, Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz noted a downturn in business following the company’s well publicized support for Washington’s statewide referendum supporting homosexual marriage. This came about as the Nation Organization for Marriage organized a boycott against the high priced coffee chain. Apparently those of us with traditional – read Christian – values can still have an impact on a company whose web page touts its socially conscious initiatives. While concern for making a positive impact on the world is an admirable objective, most of of the projects have a decidedly progressive, globalist tilt to them, and would fall far short of making this a better world.

When confronted about this by Tom Strobhar of the Corporate Morality Action Center, Schultz’s response came as no surprise to any progressive watcher. In a response recorded in no less a publication as Forbes, Schultz scolded, “…it is not an economic decision to me. The lens in which we are making that decision is through the lens of our people. We employ over 200,000 people in this company, and we want to embrace diversity. Of all kinds.” Apparently the “diversity” Starbucks embraces does not include those old fashioned enough to hold anything resembling a Christian world view. This is consistent with my observation that “diversity” is usually a code word for “anything but Christian”

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