Monday, March 25, 2013

Conservative on Target! 3/25/12

Why not solve our illegal immigrantion deportation problems quickly and simply by fining the responsible employers what it costs to immediately deport them - arrest, housing , travel & misc. costs. Yes, all costs. Then take them straight to the airport or bus station! 

  The Pool of NarcissusNo greater curse can befall a people than to lose its capacity to truly love. Once they have begun down this stone-laced path, even the maternal natural love issued towards one's own flesh grows cold and waxes subservient to the grandiosity of Self. Every little callous clinical murder for the sake of convenience betrays this preoccupation with the mirror's tyrannical hold upon she who stands before it and stares out into infinity -- repeating the Devil's soothing admonition that when all things are considered, we are the last child left on earth who truly matters. The fabled curse upon that Beautiful Boy lay not in the knowledge that he desired, but that he desired only that which was wholly and completely his own: a sterile fate destined for any misbegotten wretch that gazes into a cesspool and calls it love.

The Maliki Slapdown: Mark Steyn writes that Victor Davis Hanson concludes his thoughts on Secretary Kerry’s visit to Baghdad thus:
   When we examine our attitudes toward Israel and the Palestinians, the U.K. in the Falklands, or Eastern Europe and Russia, contrasted with the embrace of the Arab Spring Islamists and Turkey, in some sense the U.S. has become everyone’s best enemy and worst friend.
   Some years ago, on a National Review panel, our old friend Bernard Lewis said that America risked being seen as “harmless as an enemy and treacherous as a friend.” From Syria and Egypt to Russia and Poland, that now seems to be the basic assumption.

Nobody with open eyes can any longer doubt that the danger to personal freedom comes chiefly from the left. F. A. Hayek



Pope Decries 'Tyranny of Relativism' by the rejection of both God & objective standards of morality.

AMNESTY gives terrorists new identities, costs $2.5 trillion & creates 12 million more Democrats.

UNBELIEVEABLE! Obamavote: Healthcare application registers voters, too - STOP THIS NOW RT Please 

WOW! Govt. Spends More on Disability - 34% for "back aches" - than Food Stamps, Welfare Combined