Saturday, March 23, 2013

2 Great Illegal Immigration Quotes From A Legal Immigrant

By John Sykes

Here are two great illegal immigration quotes from the famous  - or infamous if you're a liberal - legal immigrant Mark Steyn:
Post 1:
I confess that, as a legal immigrant to the United States, I rather liked this line:
Illegal immigrants are to immigration what shoplifters are to shopping.
If you’re wondering what hard-hearted, unyielding Republican with a death wish that came from, don’t worry: It was a Canadian commentator* talking about Canadian immigration.
Post 2:
Since readers seemed to enjoy the immigration line I quoted from Canada on Thursday, here’s another Thought for the Day, from a celebrated British liberal writing in today’sDaily Mail:
For a democratic state to have any meaning, it must ‘belong’ to existing citizens. They must have special rights over non-citizens. Immigration must be managed with their interests in mind. 
You couldn’t get away with that kind of talk in the Republican Party.
Now I'll alter the syntax of two of Mark's lines:
We now return you to our regularly scheduled platitudes about hardworking families... living in the shadows ... doing the jobs Americans won’t do ... pathway to citizenship ... natural conservative constituency ... comprehensive reform
Finally, I ask Mark to forgive me.