Monday, February 11, 2013

Conservative on Target! 2/11/13

How To Rescue The Republicans From The Grave Karl Rove Is Digging For Them:
   Bell’s Postulate: An “integrated worldview and … determination to advance it on a broad range of policy fronts” is a political imperative. A worldview is a powerful, perhaps decisive, force.  In the days preceding the American Revolution the colonists were disgruntled … without a worldview enabling them properly to address the infringements on their dignity by the Crown.  Then … a pamphlet entitled Common Sense appeared....
   And so the corollary to Bell’s Postulate seems to be: the GOP path to victory will come from championship of the Constitution, and, with it, of human dignity.  It will come from Constitutional opposition to tyranny, grand or petty, in economic, international, and social policy.  Championing the Constitution is a worldview to unite the Republican Party… and the republic.

The Vector of American Foreign Policy: Moral cowardice underwritten by defensive fear, naiveté, and misplaced assertions of moral equivalence, seduced by the shibboleth that Islam is one of the "world's great religions" and not just another mutating variant of political fascism.

The Truth in Love Police: In short, liberal Christians need to stop confusing forthright honest speech with hatred. But the truth of the matter is that they aren't confused. They are simply deflecting attention from their own shortcomings. Like their fear of boldly defending their families, their country, and the innocent unborn human.


Have we lost our minds? 10-Year-Old Arrested for Bringing Toy Gun to School. He is now marked for life!!

Is your IRA safe from our government? After blowing all our SS money are they looking for more? Yep..

STUNNING! FEMA's Ugly Superstorm Sandy Policy:  No Churches Allowed - Charity Doesn't Pay?

Given our nation’s decline, do you still care what Obama thinks or says about “the state of the union”?

Is There a 'Positive Right' to Own Firearms? Use this to trap a Prog with his own liberal logic:

Elitist Felons for #Gun Control: Dishonesty is a hallmark of the anti-2nd Amendment camp!

Democrats’ 1121% Tax Increase - That is not a typo. And it really pounds the poor!

6 meaningless Obama pivots to #jobs and the #economy > Incompetence or Purposeful Economic Collapse?

DISGUSTING! Dishonored and Disrespected: Obama Disarmed USMC at Inaugural Parade