Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Republicans Must Play to Win the Long Game

The Republicans can play the long game from a position of  strength. Obama has already used his “tax the rich” ammunition. Meanwhile he is stuck with trillion dollar deficits and no longer can blame the rich. It will be easy to make the case that deficits are due to Obama’s excessive spending.  Deficits are the Republicans’ home field advantage. People understand that they cannot spend more than they take in without consequences. They implicitly understand that the same applies to governments.

There will be numerous opportunities for driving home the point that deficits are a “spending problem,” not a tax problem. Every few months, another debt limit crisis must be addressed – yet another opportunity to rebuke Obama for his spending recklessness.

The Republicans also need to offer solutions, not simply criticism.One simple proposal would be to return federal discretionary spending back to its 2008 level. That one step alone would solve half of the deficit problem. Republicans can easily say that American households are now earning less than in 2008. If we the people have to sacrifice, so can the Washington fat cat bureaucrats....