Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Conservative on Target! 1/22/13

The Collectivist Mind Game, Part 2: Demonizing the Opposition
   Today's American intellectuals are retracing the steps of their Soviet predecessors in the early days of the socialist dictatorship.  Having had hopes to see the workers' paradise in their lifetime, many came to regret their misguided enthusiasm, as they themselves fell victim to the popular illusions they helped to induce, when a mere slip of a tongue, a drunken remark, or an accusation by someone in the new generation of socialist intellectuals who wanted to take their job, wife, or apartment, led them to be lumped with any of the large assortment of the thoroughly demonized and dehumanized "enemies of the people."
   There is only one way to redistribute wealth: human sacrifice, with optional variations of manipulative mind games to ease the pain and maintain control over the population.  All those who claimed they can do it differently were doomed, sooner or later, to retrace the same path.

"In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit." -- Ayn Rand

"The more laws and restrictions there are, the poorer people become." -- Lao-Tzu

Killing Begets More Killing
   At America's founding, there was a broad social consensus about how to behave in society. Social norms – derived largely from Judeo-Christian traditions and mores – were widely shared and adhered to. Men largely governed themselves, and consequently only limited government was needed in the civil sphere. Over time, society has moved away from the notion of moral absolutes. People have embraced moral relativism, the importance of community has been forgotten and society is now reoriented to a new dynamic – that of the isolated, unaccountable individual. With the rejection of a universal moral authority, man is his own judge left to determine his own personal definitions of "right" and "wrong," and society pays the price as culture becomes increasingly coarsened. Man's inhumanity to man increases: If it feels good, do it. If the baby's inconvenient, kill it. If your parents make you angry or don't give you enough attention, kill them and everyone they care about more than you. Blow up a movie theater to get the attention you feel you deserve from the world. In the face of such senseless chaos, government has to intervene to protect its citizens and restore order to the republic.


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GOP grapples with deep divisions, de-Romneyization, as RNC meets in Charlotte > need to de-RINO