Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can We Agree On Anything?

During a recent conversation with a liberal friend, I found he had just as much frustration with the people who have made government welfare their career choice. He saw that there are people who abuse the system put in place to help the truly needy. He knew this wasn’t right… yet, he remained a supporter of the much abused government programs.

As I thought about this discussion, it occurred to me that we were both seeing the same things, the same dishonesty and that he saw the same destruction of the abusers soul that conservatives see. But he still felt that helping the poor outweighed the extra cost to the taxpayers of the slugs who sponge of the workers struggling to take care of their own families.

It is the emphasis that each of us places on events we see in the world around us that makes the difference. We each have a sense of justice after a fashion. We, conservatives, tend to value the intellectual and spiritual values, like honesty and integrity. Liberals tend to value the here and now, physical necessities like food, housing and the like. They tend to think that if physical needs are met, life would be wonderful. What we’ve seen is that just dealing with the physical aspects of life has brought about the denigration and destruction of the spiritual aspect of our existence. These things are important, but alone will not bring about the world of peace and prosperity.

These progressives have forgotten, or choose to ignore, the message in Matthew 6 that tells us, “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (ESV) They have forgotten that if we do the right things, we will have the things we need in life. People like my friend do not necessarily mean to align themselves with those who would destroy our country. In fact, they don’t even realize what they are doing in most cases. These are not the people who booed the recognition of God in the Democrat Party platform. They are not the ones promoting the radical homosexual agenda or the indiscriminate killing of the unborn for fun and profit.

Most of the Obama voters – those whose hands are not out for perpetually more and more free stuff at the public expense – are not particularly evil people. They have been deceived into believing that life is nothing more than our physical existence, and that all we need to be happy is “three squares, a warm pad, and a hot broad”, as they used to say. They are wrong, but these people are running their lives and voting to run our government with that philosophy.

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