Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let Them Eat Pupu - Conservative Cartoon

Barack Obama will take a $4 million vacation in hawaii while nation goes off fiscal cliss, hope n' change, stilton jarlsberg, obama jokes
From hopenchangecartoons:

America is teetering at the brink of the "fiscal cliff" - a financial catastrophe that will plunge the nation back into longlasting recession unless bold, decisive, nonpartisan action is taken by Barack Hussein Obama. Which is why the president has announced, in no uncertain terms, that he's going to be enjoying another luxury vacation in Hawaii when our economy goes "Forward" into the abyss.

Much to the delight of any "Choom Gang" members who are out of prison and eager for a reunion, Barry will be in Oahu for three full weeks of high-level pakalolo smoking, intensive golf sessions, and laughing at the poor bastards on the mainland who'll be receiving year-end Obamacare pink slips instead of Christmas bonuses.

The vacation is estimated to cost $4 million to taxpayers, which inspired us to ask just how many households it will take to pay for Barry to work on half a tan? Interestingly, if you look at two-earner households with $50,000 of taxable will take every cent from 666 of them to fund Barry's vacation. And frankly, 666 seems like a pretty ironic number of households to get the shaft on Jesus's birthday.

In fairness, a significant part of the expense of the Obama family vacation comes from providing them with  massive layers of security, even though the only risk to Barry in Hawaii is getting a brain freeze from munching a rainbow-colored shave-ice too quickly.

But could those millions of dollars for security have been better used elsewhere? At this time, Ambassador Chris Stevens has no comment..