Saturday, December 1, 2012

Conservative on Target! 11/30/12

Kindly Note the Impending Bankruptcy: ...the Forbes 400 richest Americans have a combined wealth of $1.7 trillion. That sounds a lot, and once upon a time it was. But today, if you confiscated every penny the Forbes 400 have, it would be enough to cover just over one year’s federal deficit. And after that you’re back to square one. It’s not that “the rich” aren’t paying their “fair share,” it’s that America isn’t. A majority of the electorate has voted itself a size of government it’s not willing to pay for.

A Firm Voice & A Strong Argument: ...the GOPers should be sure that everyone knows who's driving... But don't make book that that's what's going to happen!

Think you can fly? Give it a try 
   "Everyone in Washington fears the fiscal cliff. The White House has no interest in going over. Democrats understand they’ll never have more power than they do now. Delaying a budget deal until after January means getting less of what they want. Republican leaders, meanwhile, live in fear of another 1995 government shutdown. When two sides fail to reach a deal, the media blame Republicans. That’s the lesson Republicans learned 17 years ago. They shudder imagining the headlines if negotiations were to break down next month: 'Norquist-controlled GOP forces America off cliff.' Nothing terrifies them more than that. They’ll do anything to avoid it, as Obama knows well. (Hence his advantage.) The business community fears the cliff too. Federal contractors stand to lose millions if budget cuts take effect. And nobody wants to see unemployment rise or the economy fall back into recession, both of which would likely happen if Republicans and Democrats can’t make a deal. So there’s a lot to worry about with the fiscal cliff. Congress should leap off anyway. At a full run. Face first. Yes, it’s a scary prospect. But not as scary as the alternatives."

FBI Crime Stats: You Are More Likely
 To  Be Killed By Hands And Feet Than
 By A Shotgun Or Rifle


HORRIFIC! UK Death Panels Kill Babies by Starvation & Dehydration - Takes 10 days...