Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Conservative on Target! 12/5/12

Hmmmm... Should Conservatives become the anti-establishment party as the GOP tries to marginalize us? Will the youth then join us? How about the Libertarians? And the Social Conservatives? And the Tea Party? Isn't freedom the must important right to all of us, stronger than any other difference? Think about it...

Comedian: Liberal comics ‘don’t want to make fun of Obama because they feel that it will weaken him’
   Modern Liberalism is a utopian ideology that is predicated on the notion that, since mankind lost paradise when Adam and Eve ate from the apple of knowledge, then mankind can return to paradise if only we’d all just “regurgitate the apple” and give up all knowledge of right and wrong. The notion is that, if we can eliminate the quest for what I call “the better,” then there’d be nothing for people to disagree about. If people didn’t disagree about things, then they wouldn’t fight; and, if they didn’t fight, then of course they’d never go to war. Peace on Earth — in fact, paradise — can be achieved, they’re convinced, if only they could eliminate the quest for the better. This is the environment that is found in kindergarten, where every child’s finger painting is declared “beautiful,” and every child is declared special (but none more special than any other), and where every child gets a cookie, but no child gets two. Modern liberalism is predicated on the notion that, if we could just retard the child’s moral and intellectual growth at a level prior to his having begun to learn about the better, then paradise will reign.

Limiting Government
   Individual rights have been bastardized...
   Today, violations of individual rights are so pervasive that many   Americans are ignorant of what individual rights actually are and of the extent to which their rights are daily violated.
   Individual rights are not rights to the skills, knowledge, and/or products that others create. Individual rights are rights to actions.
   The right to life is the freedom to take those actions to sustain one's life. The right to property is the right to keep what one earns. The right to liberty is the freedom to move about freely, uncoerced, to visit and/or live and seek work where one chooses. The right to the pursuit of happiness is the freedom to take those actions that one believes will result in one's enjoyment of life.

Why can't our Republican politicians make this
this clear to the public? 
Or don't they want to?
Two of a Kind    
   For all those who think that our deficit is caused by a dearth of revenue, consider this thought experiment. In 2012, the federal government will spend $3.56 trillion. Last week’s Powerball jackpot was a reported $587.5 million, the largest winning Powerball payout ever. In order to finance current spending, the federal government would have to hit that jackpot 6,570 times.
   As recently as fiscal year 2001, President Clinton’s last budget, federal spending amounted to just $1.9 trillion. If spending since 2000 had simply increased at the rate of inflation plus population growth, spending this year would have been less than $2.69 trillion. Our budget deficit this year, despite those Bush tax cuts and a recession-driven decline in revenue, would have been just $241 billion, compared with an actual deficit of more than $1.1 trillion.
   To continue this thought experiment, if this inflation- and population-adjusted spending path from 2001 continued to 2022, spending in 2022 would be only $3.61 trillion, compared with the $5.51 trillion the current baseline predicts. This spending path would have seen budget deficits top out at a little less than $400 billion in 2009 and then return to surplus by 2014.


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