Friday, December 21, 2012

Conservative on Target! 12/21/12

Washington would have to collect $8 trillion in tax revenue, not to pay off our national debt and have reserves against unfunded liabilities, but just to avoid accumulating more debt. Recent IRS data show that individuals earning $66,000 and more a year have a total adjusted gross income of $5.1 trillion. In 2011, corporate profit came to $1.6 trillion. -- Walter Williams

Something Needs To Change:
 If we really want to reduce the number of these mass killings, here is the way to do it:
  1. Expunge the federal and State laws prohibiting teachers, principals, administrators, university students of age, etc., from being armed in the classroom and on school property.
  2. Stop making celebrities out of these killers.
  3. Restore a God-consciousness in the heart of America.

The train to nowhere
   Here’s a wonderful story about the perverse unintended consequences of a well-intentioned public policy. A Canadian firm is making millions by shipping by rail on what CBC News calls “the train to nowhere” biodiesel fuel into the United States and then, without unloading it, shipping it back to Canada. CBC News calls it “the train to nowhere.” Paper transactions changing ownership enable the company to claim millions of dollars of biodiesel credits tradeable on markets. The credits have been established by the Environmental Protection Agency to track the production and importation of ethanol and biodiesel. Ethanol credits are worth only pennies, but biodiesel credits have been worth more than $1. The Canadian company paid $2.6 million shipping charges but gained 12 million credits: you do the math.  

"Switzerland, on the other hand, insists that every male of military age must keep a powerful, fully automatic assault rifle in his home. Every home must be armed -- by law -- and some even keep mortars. Yet Switzerland has one of the most law-abiding citizenry, the lowest crime rate, and least violence of any country in the free world. And it has remained free for over a thousand years. Compare it to New York and Washington where handguns are completely banned. In fact, in Washington, Chief of Police Maurice Turner recently said that the District of Columbia gun ban law had completely failed, and he has called for armed citizen's police auxiliary to help restore order." -- Donald S. McAlvaney


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