Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Age of Possibility > Choosing Our Extinction?

Whatever your political persuasion, chances are that you believe in choice. Those who favor the right to kill unborn human beings in the womb, of course, characterize their position with the appealing vocabulary of “choice”—but ignoring the fact that the child has no choice in the matter.
Of course, even pro-lifers often assert the true importance of choice—the choice by women of whether or not to engage in sex, the choice of how many kids are right for one’s family, and so on.
As morally responsible beings made in God’s image, we’re all for choice—but as Christians, we recognize the need to temper our choices with the virtues of justice, temperance, prudence and so on.
My friend Os Guinness has talked about a Golden Triangle of freedom, virtue, and faith. But we needall of them. Because freedom, or choice, by itself, is frightening. Would we really feel safe in a world where individual choice stood like a colossus on a barren moral landscape?
Well, as you might have sensed, we’re almost there.