Friday, November 30, 2012

Principles not Politics - Producers not Parasites! Our 2 Class Society...

Parasites on the economy

By John Sykes

For quite some time, I have repeated my own favorite quote: Principles not Politics - Producers not Parasites!

Daniel Greenfield, in The Working Class and The Government Class, does a better job of emphasizing the fact that we really only have two classes in this American society:

Our class warfare is not determined by paycheck size. The United States has only two classes. The working class and the government class.
Not everyone in the working class is a saint and not everyone in the government class is a parasite. There are plenty of corporations who care only about short term profit and create social problems that the rest of the country has to live with. Immigration is a classic example. And there are also plenty of government employees who perform vital and even heroic functions. Your local firefighter and member of the armed services are obvious examples.
The working class extends through the lower class, the middle class and the upper class, and everyone of every income level who derives their income from gainful employment. The government class similarly extends from the poor to the middle class to the rich, and consists of those whose chief source of income is the government; whether that means welfare checks, government jobs or crony capitalism.

Then both I, and Mr. Greenfield in his own words, conclude:

A host and a parasite of equal size cannot both survive for long. Either both the host and the parasite will die. Or the parasite will die and the host will live.

God save us!