Friday, November 30, 2012

Conservative on Target! 11/29/12

From The Governing Class [of Both Parties] and the Decline of America
   The United States finds itself in a circumstance once thought unthinkable. An ill-educated and near morally bankrupt society increasingly made up of those dependent on government combined with a governing class whose primary interest is themselves. The nation cannot, therefore, make any meaningful course correction unless and until the people finally understand they have been lied to and conned by the current establishment [of both parties].  That will, in all likelihood, not occur until America faces imminent collapse and the citizenry turns on those who brought the nation to its knees.

From Target: Old White Men   
   This gets at the insidiousness of modern liberalism. The French revolutionaries sought to erase the past by starting history anew with their revolution's first year, 1789; the Khmer Rouge sought to do so with their "Year Zero." But revolutionary change is too obvious; it doesn't gently boil the frog as does modern liberalism's evolutionary change. Progressives don't make any major pronouncements, dear citizen, about the first year of the rest of your life. They simply disconnect each generation from the last -- from the past -- with the message that, hey, ya' gotta be with it, which means being nothing like grandpa. And the "it" is change, not tradition; current tastes, not Truth; fashions and not fact. Just convince the young to ignore the old or dead -- especially if they're white and male -- the people who formulated Western civilization's recipe, and that Occidental delicacy is history. Then you will have started history anew not with an iron fist, but sleight of hand that keeps the frog simmering soundly.   
   Roman philosopher and statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, "To be ignorant of the past is to be forever a child. For what is the time of a man, except it be interwoven with that memory of ancient things of a superior age?" Demonizing white men old or dead keeps the young and alive disconnected from them and hence from the past. This gives us a civilization of children, just the kind of people a pied piper can lead.

From A Tax Increase Primer:
   Consistency in tax and regulatory policy may be even more important that having the lowest possible rate or the friendliest possible regulations. Fear and uncertainty, fed by record deficits and endless class warfare speeches, can do as much to squelch investment as the laws themselves.
   We also dilute the effect of a single tax increase when we look at it in isolation. Behavior is impacted by the sum of all of the taxes levied: state, local, FICA, and Medicare as well as the friction costs of mandates and regulations. A small increase in a number of different taxes can slow economic growth as quickly as fewer larger tax increases.  
    An effective tax system should be simple and not subject to change every time an elected official steps up to a microphone. The most effective tax system we could devise, however, cannot overcome the economic and social problems of a government that has grown too large and consumes too much of our productive effort.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." -- Josef Stalin


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