Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christians And Obama’s Second Term

From Larry Miller at

As I look at Barack Hussein Obama’s second term, I see three distinct choices that lie before those who call themselves Christians. Given that different choices could be applied to different areas of life, there could well be an almost infinite number of ways to deal with his presidency. While I may be leaning in some directions, which may be obvious as we look at the alternatives, I am in no way completely certain that these are the correct paths, although my thoughts, and possibly yours, may crystallize as we consider the options.

The three paths before us are complete opposition to everything that comes from this corrupt administration, acquiescence to the regime, even though we know it is corrupt and leading us to destruction, and completely dropping out of involvement in the public sphere as we concentrate on protecting and providing for our own families and working in the spiritual sphere.

Let’s look at them, in reverse order. Taking care of our families and spreading the gospel are certainly goals for everyone who claims the name of Christ. In many ways, this is the ultimate solution as our nation’s problems are more spiritual than anything else. It could be that the rejection of a good and moral man to lead the country in favor of one of the most corrupt presidents we have ever seen, is part of the price we are paying for falling away from our Creator and the values that made our country great.

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