Friday, November 23, 2012

Benghravy - Conservative Cartoon

barack obama pardons thanksgiving turkey but didn't save ambassador stevens, obama jokes,hope and change, stilton jarlsberg
From hopenchangecartoons:

Is it just our imagination, or is the whole Benghazi conversation shifting only to which functionary changed the wording of Susan Rice's "election friendly" and untrue talking points...and shifting away from the big questions like: Why were Stevens's repeated requests for more security denied? Were troops told to stand down rather than come to the aid of the Ambassador? If Obama gave an order to assist Stevens, where is it and why wasn't it carried out? And finally, knowing that the murder of 4 Americans was a terrorist attack, why did Barack Hussein Obama go to the United Nations and say that a videotape was to blame, and the real cause of the violence was "those who slander the prophet of Islam?"

This story must not be allowed to die - even though the Obama Administration is working harder to kill it than they ever worked to kill Osama bin Laden.