Monday, October 15, 2012

Looking Out For Our Kids

by Larry Miller at

Malcolm X, leader of the Nation of Islam many years ago said, “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children!” While he was wrong about so much, this is something he got right. While it may sound harsh to consider our educational system our enemy, it certainly is appropriate for some segments of it.

Even if our offspring survive the public school system, which, incidentally, has some really fine, dedicated teachers – my daughter in law included, in spite of the best efforts of the NEA and its state affiliates, we send them off them off to over priced institutions dedicated to turning out model secular progressives, dedicated working for a larger, more comprehensive (and intrusive) government at all levels. Not only are they working to destroy our social structure, through ridicule and misinformation, they guide their young prey in the directions away from the Christian faith many had been taught through out their childhood.

It is a sad situation we find ourselves in today. Academics, and those who have been indoctrinated by their system, have managed to convince the rest of us that we need to put our children in their care for several formative years as they indoctrinate in the ways of secular progressivism

We can’t necessarily do anything about where others send their children and the world they create, we certainly have something to say about where our kids and our dollars go.  If your a graduate of one of these institutions yourself, as I am, we also need to be careful of their fundraising pleas to alumni that help them carry out their nefarious schemes.   If we love them, we cannot send our young people into the hands of those who regard us as the enemy – we would do well to return the favor. It is that important!

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