Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conservative on Target! 10/9/12


Companies cut hours & jobs to dodge Obamacare > What's going to happen to your job, not just your insurance? http://t.co/4QWZZGHs

CBS Reporter Says Obama Lying — Jihadists Stronger than Ever, Savages! http://t.co/08FxW8Cr

WOW! Newest Obama Jaw-Dropper: “We Don’t Believe That Anybody is Entitled to Success in this Country” http://t.co/LDMP9i5q

Government Can’t Require Churches to Abandon Constitutional Freedoms http://t.co/REsb2PKm

ABSOLUTELY DAMNING BUT TOO LATE? The Chinese Own the Obama Re-Election Campaign http://bit.ly/RumF1s

CROOK Watch! The Obama Campaign Definitely Processed This Illegal Donation! http://bit.ly/R8Ruvp

CRONY CROOK! ‘Obama Phone’ Program Really, Really Benefits Obama Bundler http://bit.ly/QO1Bnk

Obama's Achilles Heel? Bombshell Report Sparks International Flood of Tips on Foreign Online Donations http://bit.ly/QO0Lag