Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Conservative on Target! 10/23/12

"It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either." -- Mark Twain


BREAKING! Obama WH told of militant claim 2 hours after Libya attack! Is this the straw ...? http://t.co/8WhCmnx0

CROOK Watch! IT'S MAGIC! Joe Biden's Brother Wins $100 Million Federal Contract to Build Homes In Iraq http://t.co/6YffONF5

WOW! Latest Iranian claim: Obama WH assured us of our nuclear rights http://t.co/4zgPFgdm

How low can our progressives sink? UN Election Monitors Are Coming on Election Day by Invitation http://t.co/QFbDL49j

FL Republicans receiving fake ineligibility letters aimed at suppressing their vote http://t.co/UBe4MAeX

A key question to tattoo to the inside of your eyelids: Who are you trying to please? http://bit.ly/MD8VCc