Monday, October 15, 2012

Conservative on Target! 10/15/12

Folks! The Silent Majority did it in WI and they are going to do it again in November. It has been reported that Republicans and Independents are twice as likely to refuse to speak to or lie to pollsters! [John]

Al Qaida strikes America; America denies reality: Like Lenin and the Viet Cong, AQ does not have to win every fight, only the last one. Al Qaida's late leader, Osama bin Laden, boasted of the organization as a "strong horse," that would attract admiration and support from around the world, as opposed to the "weak horse" embodied by the United States.. We have recognized radical madcap regimes that let our embassies to be burned and Ambassador Christopher Stevens to be murdered. Hillary and Obama enabled it. They played the weak horse.

Why does Marco Rubio believe Republicans will win this year? With Election Day 3 weeks away, every effort made takes us one step closer to victory. In 2012, volunteers have made 3.5 times more phone calls than they had at the same time in the 2008 campaign. Victory volunteers have knocked on 13 times as many doors than they had at the same time in the 2008 campaign -- 4 times as many doors than the entire 2008 campaign combined. Since the national absentee and early voting turnout program began, over 108,000 volunteers have made nearly 23 million volunteer voter contacts -- nearly 40 million voter contacts since Victory launched this year.

Free competition is worth more to society than it costs. -- Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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A Public Service For People With Obama Bumper Stickers:
When a liberal woman gets pregnant & doesn’t like the results, she blames the baby!