Thursday, October 11, 2012

Conservative on Target! 10/11/12

VP DEBATE – I am now praying that nothing ever happens that would put Biden in the 1st seat, now or later. I think he just smirked himself out of office after trying to throw a whole lot of people under the bus, including the entire intelligence community. As to the moderator, she showed her colors too obviously and shamelessly mixed in about 4 of her own agendas. Ryan did OK but I particularly give him kudos for not letting Joe get to him. All in all, a win for the good guys!

Most of the $6.1 million the Department of Veterans Affairs spent on conferences came from accounts that normally fund veterans’ health care, reports The Washington Examiner.

"Fortunately, political freedom and economic progress are natural partners. Despite capitalism's lingering reputation as the source of all the world's evils, the fact remains that every single democracy is a capitalist country. Half a century of economic experimentation proved beyond doubt that tyranny cannot yield prosperity. ...
Socialism collapsed because it is a policy of unrestrained intervention. It tries to fix what is 'wrong' with the spontaneous, self-organizaing phenomenon called capitalism. But, of course, a natural process cannot be 'fixed.' ... Socialism is an ideology. Capitalism is a natural phenomenon." -- Michael Rothschild

SHAME! Disgusting Diane Sawyer Seemingly Joins the Obama Campaign

Got Racism? - Apartments & peanut butter are rascist code? Have all progs gone nuts?

New Item: The... Single... Most... POWERFUL...Pro-Life Ad...EVER

Second DNC Voter Fraud Video Hits; House Judiciary Chairman Calls for Firings

INCREDIBLE! Osama bin Laden raid not Obama’s call

AMAZING INDICTMENT! Mother of Slain SDO Official Tired of Being Lied To & Stonewalled by Obama Admin.

Someone Has Finally Thrown Obama Under The Bus And Her Name Is Hillary Clinton

WOW???? Obama’s ring, ‘There is no god but Allah’, on wedding-ring finger since before he met Michelle