Saturday, October 13, 2012

5 Revolting Facets of American Culture > The black mold in the walls of American culture


From John Hawkins at

    1. An elevation of victimhood - Does treating people like this as heroes strike anyone as healthy or good for the country? At best, victims should be pitied, not celebrated or rewarded.
    2. A fascination with freaks, failures, and deviants: Now, we have Jersey Shore, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Small Town Security, and other sub-normal mediocrities being put on the screen for the amusement of the masses.
    3. Infantilization: We’ve become a society where adults are encouraged to behave like children. As Mark Steyn has said, “A society of children cannot survive, no matter how all-embracing the government nanny.”
    4. Hyper-sexualization: There should be some setting between Leave it to Beaver and a strip club that we can embrace as a country.
    5. Indifference towards societal disintegration: Throughout most of history, civilizations haven’t looked at attempts to stave off cultural rot as religious zealotry or prudishness; they’ve considered it to be simple common sense.

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