Friday, September 28, 2012

Conservative on Target! 9/28/12

   Will Americans ever be free of QE slavery? How long did it take before their bellies groaned again? By the end of the first week we’re seeing cries for more QE. QE simply wasn’t enough. The addict is crying for another fix. To whatever degree the pusher complies, the addiction will deepen and the health of the addict will deteriorate. The only answer lies in breaking free of the addiction.
   In the immediate term, the best way to do so is likely to accumulate assets that do not diminish in value. Precious metals, some properties and other assets can stand the test of time. In the long run, for our posterity, the only solution is to be freed of the Fed shackles we’ve embraced. However, as voters have shown in a strange and sad irony, America is not ready for freedom.

   Tea party seeks to remain relevant, Obama or no Obama -- If Mitt Romney wins in November, don't expect the tea party to fade away. At least that is what a tea party leader tells TheDC's Alex Pappas:
   "If Mitt Romney becomes president, don't expect the tea party movement to just fade away without Barack Obama in the White House. 'I think that our role becomes even more important and more difficult at that point,' Tea Party Patriots national coordinator Jenny Beth Martin told The Daily Caller in a Thursday afternoon interview at a Washington, D.C. coffee shop. Martin said the conservative grassroots will embrace the role of making sure Romney sticks to the fiscal principles he’s campaigned on: cutting government and reducing spending."
   But what happens if President Obama wins? Would that be a fatal blow to the tea party?

Neoconservatives With Crowbars: Ordered liberty is maintained through voluntary organizations like churches and community centers, as well as through a structured hierarchy of government power. Defending that against usurpation by the feds is as classically and traditionally conservative as it gets.


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