Sunday, September 2, 2012

Conservative on Target! 9/2/12

The Meaning (or Not) of Ryan's Marathon Mistake: These are the mistakes of a politician with a justifiably high estimation of his abilities--a self-belief that is necessary for the job, but which can be an obstacle. The lesson, for Ryan, is that he should be less eager to impress and more eager to relate. The lesson for the rest of us is that the carping mainstream media should continue to be ignored.

The Urgency Imperative: Reagan vs. Carter Then, Romney vs. Obama Now: Today, as the RealClearPolitics average shows Mitt Romney down by less than a point in his White House bid, the challenger needs “the fierce urgency of now,” to borrow a phrase often used by Barack Obama in 2008--although he hasn’t used it much since. Ronald Reagan had that sense of urgency back in ’80, and it worked for him; we have yet to see whether Romney and Paul Ryan can make that message of urgency work for them.  

One Picture: Your Choice in November

I don’t think the elitist GOP leaders have changed, and I have no expectation that they will keep their promises, unless they feel politically compelled to do so. But unless we can demonstrate the political independence of the grassroots in a dramatic fashion, they will not feel any such compulsion. We need to do so urgently, in this election year, because the elitist faction strategy is closing the door on authentic free elections, no matter which of their avatars wins the election. Alan Keyes

Monday is National Empty Chair Day – Put One Out In Your Front Yard!

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FL poll shows vindication of RNC Strategy > Net 10% of viewers switched to Romney & Even Better: