Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Challenge To Every Christian Leader In America

From Jon Wakefield at politicalchristian.org

…Pastors have a biblical responsibility to address every important issue so that congregants can make informed decisions to choose some wise, understanding and respected people from each of our geographic areas, so God will set them over us (Deut. 1:13, paraphrased). Pastors should urge congregants to not just vote, but also to educate themselves on the importance of limited government, hound representatives who lust after more power, and support candidates who will shrink the size of oppressive government at every level.

Thankfully, some church leaders are already standing openly against oppression and have been for a long time (regardless of how it may affect their tax designations and attendance rosters). And others are stepping up to join them. For that we rejoice.

But we need more. A lot more.

Therefore, we challenge every pastor, priest, and ministry leader with a speaking platform in America to resist an out-of-control government before it removes our precious freedom to speak—and everything else we cherish.

John Adams spoke about the crucial role pastors and Christians played in helping secure America’s freedom. We say that freedom will not be preserved without the help of Christian leaders today.

The church’s actions now will reverberate across Earth and into eternity. When we stand before God and He asks if we opposed a government that sold its people’s future to brutal nations, crippled individuals and businesses with excessive taxes and regulations, paid off its political allies, brought us to the brink of economic collapse, waged undeclared and questionable wars, and trampled the highest law of the land to further its own power and ultimately enslave us … will we, like Reverend Muhlenberg, be able to say that we did all we could to stand against this oppression?

Or will we say we remained silent because we didn’t want to get “political”?

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