Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Conservatives Have A Secret – Beyond the Progressive Mask …

From Daren Jonescu at americanthinker.com

…The days lying ahead of America will often be treacherous and sad.  They will require nerves of steel from those who would resist progressivism's desperate last stand.  It has become patently clear that the present Republican Party establishment is not up for this fight.  Constitutional conservatives must do it themselves, using the GOP apparatus as just one tool.  They must remain cool and workmanlike, rebuilding dams faster than the leftist waves can knock them down.

This is the means to conservative victory.  One cannot merely "go back" to a better time.  Societal decay cannot simply be undone.  One must allow -- even encourage -- the progressive degeneration to play itself out, fighting it at every turn until the leftists, seething with an increasingly open hatred of America, overplay their hand and self-destruct.  Finally, thanks to steadfast conservative resistance, "progressivism" will be fully exposed for the empty, anti-human power lust that it truly is.

Power-lust masked as "caring government" -- the entitlement society -- can still win support, unfortunately.  By gradually forcing progressives out from behind the mask, however, conservatives can at last destroy the illusion that is leftism, leading not to a "reversal" or a "return," but rather to renewal.  This is conservatism's well-kept secret -- the secret hidden in its very nature: from a long series of hard-fought failures can come sudden victory.

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