Friday, August 31, 2012

Conservative on Target! 8/31/12

2016: Obama’s America > Ahh, Those Tolerant Liberals! “All these big, expensive Hollywood films cost so much to make and they are having trouble keeping pace with us,” D’Souza added. “And Obama is considered a darling in Hollywood. We approached a lot of people to help with the film, and they said they would love too but it would be career suicide. In the end, some did help, but they have had to keep their names off it.”

Evil Right-Wingers Turn to Family, Not Government: Applause for the supplanting of family by government, the demise of familial obligation, and the annihilation of the next generation's sense of personal responsibility -- this speaks volumes about just how far "forward" America has already traveled.  Full speed ahead?
"If welfare and equality are to be primary aims of law, some people must necessarily possess a greater power of coercion in order to force redistribution of material goods. Political power alone should be equal among human beings; yet striving for other kinds of equality absolutely requires political inequality." -- Tibor Machan




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“President Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus, even as he has relaxed sanctions on Castro’s Cuba. He abandoned our friends in Poland by walking away from our missile defense commitments, but is eager to give Russia’s President Putin the flexibility he desires, after the election. Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone.” — Mitt Romney
“Ninety eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hardworking, honest Americans. It’s the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then, we elected them.” Lily Tomlin

The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick along side it. ~ D. L. Moody

Sorry progressive parasites. Mitt didn't pander you an entitlement tonight. No wonder you are so bitter - & jobless! #RNC2012

"No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size." Ronald Reagan

Where would you hide from the DNC? Hillary chooses the Cook Islands, about as far away as she can get!

Democratic Dhimmitude - Why are LGBTers supporting Jihadists who would just as soon lop off their heads?

Anti-Obama Signs Freaking Some People Out, Sort of ...

Veterans group vows to get to the bottom of SEALs 'autopen-gate'

The worst raaaaacism charge against Romney evah? What derangement and desperation look like ..

"Fluck" is a Fluke? She's chickening out on women's issues debate? Just a propagandist?

Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words - angry, Chicago, constitutional, golf, experienced..

Kidnapped Marine Speaks Out: 'I'm Scared For My Country'

Whodathunkit! NBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Democrats Wish They Had The Diversity’ Of The GOP

YES! Gallup: Democratic Favorability Falls To Lowest Level Since The Question Was Asked Beginning in 1992