Sunday, August 26, 2012

Conservative on Target! 8/26/12

   Obama Demands Race-Based School Discipline: President Barack Obama recently signed an executive order hiring race-sensitive bureaucrats to hold meetings and mandate racial discipline quotas.
   The order charges his new racial justice team, in part, with "promoting a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools."  In plain English, that means that if different races have different incidences of disciplinary action, those of a favored race who act worse will be punished less, or those of a disfavored race who act better will be punished more, or both…
   Eliminating racial disparities requires race-blindness so all people will rise on their own merits and know they can do so, not giving children a free ride for failure.  The real tragedy is that while the president attempts to mandate injustice through race-based school discipline quotas, he refuses to address black Americans about what gives their children the best chance at a good life: an intact family.

Rise of the Manifestoists: the End-Point of the Democratic Party: Economic communism has been an unmitigated disaster everywhere it has been tried.  Antonio Gramsci proposed a cultural communism about eighty years ago.  If you are not familiar with Comrade Gramsci, he proposed to take over cultural institutions (media, academia, political parties, churches) by infiltration in order to further the goals of a Marxist Utopia.  Gramsci's plan has worked quite well here in the USA, insofar as takeover is concerned, but not so well in the surfeit of failures of the Obama administration. [This is a very important read to understand the fast degradation of our culture. Some of the links in it are also must reads.]

"Without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure." Ronald Reagan

Al-Qaeda calls for death of SEAL who wrote bin Laden book - Fox News blew his cover!

14 of 19 Rounds Fired by NYC Cops Hit Civilians & you expect them to replace your need for a gun?

We are so over Obama ... Voter affiliation, not polling, point to a Romney victory in November

Another Anti-Capitalist Community Organizer > Social Justice = State Justice = Marxism

2016: Obama may be from America, but he is not of America. Neither is his dream!

Destroying Our Military from Within

Obama Getting Agitated by Romney/Ryan Tactics -“Hey Ho Obama’s Gotta Go” is getting under O's thin skin!