Thursday, August 30, 2012

Are the Tea Parties not welcome under the GOP Elite’s ‘Big Tent’?

By John Sykes

Are our GOP elitists, to include the Romney campaign, deliberately shunning any public mention of or association with the Tea Parties of this country? Consider the following very recent situations:

(1) The very unruly and nasty Republican National Convention rules fight was a blatant and largely successful move to blunt and wither grassroots Tea Party support of We the People principles, principles based on growing local and state influence on our process. Read more on this in RNC power grab: the aftermath.

(2) The lack of any mention of the Tea Party by name by every convention speaker so far is blatantly obvious. TEA Party to GOP: We Built Your Majority emphasizes:

Tuesday’s theme at the Republican National Convention was “We Built It,” but the night’s speakers did not reference or mention the Tea Party movement that built the current Republican majority in the House during the 2010 midterm elections and infused a party that seemed all but moribund after the 2008 elections and the latter part of George W. Bush’s presidency with enthusiasm, life, confidence, money, manpower, purpose, and a little swagger.

(3) The RNC, reportedly at the behest of the Romney campaign. is very obviously shunning and isolating strong Tea Party supporters like Sarah Palin. Read Fox Dumps Palin and Cancels All of Her Interviews .

It would seem that the Tea Parties and their constituents are not publically welcome under the misguided GOP’s big tent. The GOP’s elites are frightened and concerned that Tea Party principles will end their power structure’s degradation of our political system and culture.

This situation is very dangerous. The relationship between the Tea Parties and the individuals and organizations they support is symbiotic. Together they grow and prosper, apart they wither and fail!

We, some of the local tea parties, have already seen this rot at the local level but have, to this point, avoided public discussion of the situation.

Is it time for us to show some courage?

If we don’t resist, are we simply dooming We the People to the statist slavery of the elites of both major parties?

Are we simply to accept the degradation of a culture so far gone that it may be insignificant soon?