Saturday, July 7, 2012

Put It All On Black – Conservative Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons

Barack Obama is on the road again, climbing aboard the Canadian-built pitch-black "Darth Bus" to take a tour of Ohio and Pennsylvania for the critical purpose of being unavailable to reporters when Friday's jobs report is released.

And because he's got no encouraging news for those states other than "I didn't raise your taxes! I raised your penalties!," the president is showcasing a shiny new slogan to replace all of the ones which have failed to get traction previously. And that slogan is: "Betting on America."

Which means...uh...wait...what the hell does that mean?

Does that mean it's time for us to bet on America instead of looking to the president for any help or guidance? Or does it mean that Obama admits that he's been gambling with our money and futures all along?

We're inclined to go with that second interpretation, because Barry A) doesn't think America can solve any problems on its own, and B) he's clearly a problem gambler. After all, he only uses borrowed money...he doubles down after every loss...and the sonofagun is now so cash-strapped that he's selling $3 lottery tickets to eat with him, mingle with his Evil Rich friends, or ride in the Big Black Bus with him.

Well, not right next to him, of course. The Bamster will be up front with his traveling basketball entourage, and the lottery winner will be getting the seat way, way in the back that Rosa Parks once refused to take.

But returning to the "Betting on America" slogan, there's an almost-refreshing candor about Barry admitting that Americans were simply gambling on a game of chance when they elected him the first time...and that he'd like them to do it again.

But now, all but the willfully blind know that Barack Obama was never a legitimate gamble at all; his candidacy was more like a rigged carnival game which looked easy and fun to play...but was only designed to separate the suckers from their money.

And we're betting that Americans are finally sick of it.

"Betting on America?" We prefer Battling FOR America.