Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Politician and Priest – Obama as Theocrat!

Posted by John Sykes

Lost in the debate over ObamaTax – excuse me – ObamaCare is the glossed-over attempt to make us a progressive theocracy with our Savior-In-Chief in command and the HHS mandate his constitution.

From Ashley McGuire at

Let's not forget that Catholic Charities, the largest non-governmental provider of social services to the poor in this country, has been crowded out of the adoption industry in some states because of their insistence on conscience grounds on placing adopted children with families that include and mother and a father.

Let's not forget that grave threats to the religious freedom of healthcare providers persist despite developments with the Health and Human Services mandate. Just a few months ago in Washington State, a family owned pharmacy barely won the right to stay open after the local government tried to close them down for refusing to provide abortion-causing drugs based on their belief that life begins at conception.

Let's not forget amidst the hoopla of the recent healthcare decision that we are dealing with a government that cares little for conscience rights and cares much for its own aggrandizement and agenda. This is a president who replaced "freedom of religion" with "freedom of worship," and when people began to call a spade a spade, he pressed the accelerator, not the brakes.

This is a government that is accelerating right through the first amendment and the recent Court decision clearly won't stop him. The only thing that will is an American public that knows its rights and continues to stand up for our first, most cherished liberty.

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