Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Conservative on Target! 7/10/12

   In the Compassion Cage Match, a Conservative Arm Raised High: Stealing from Peter and giving to Paul isn’t compassion.  Liberals pretend it is, but nothing could be farther from the truth, especially when liberal policies take from Peter and then make Paul dependent on a wasteful and inefficient government, thus impairing them both.
   Compassion requires self-proclivity.  It’s an individual inclination (for the religious, often motivated by love, duty, and obligation), not collectively forced money pooling and delving.  True compassion contains an emotional element, and is demonstrated through action and results. Conservatives are superior at both, and are more than happy to aid – through individual giving and fundraising – those who need it, thus accomplishing both ends by purer and far more efficient means.
   If your goal is to really help people, give like a conservative.  This does far more actual good than does the liberals’ attempt to treat a wasteful and corrupt government as the world’s largest soup kitchen.

   Leon Kass on the decline of patriotism. Our thinking regarding patriotism has fallen behind our practice. Compared with the cultural attitudes surrounding World War II, and especially since the 1960s, patriotism has come under suspicion, most regrettably among those who teach the young. Our national heroes are debunked, our national achievements belittled, our every sin magnified. Liberal intellectuals—many of them hyper-critical of America—decry nationalism itself, deny the need for patriotic sacrifice, and urge us to join the party of humanity and to see ourselves as "citizens of the world."
   It is relatively easy to show that this universalist dream is contrary to possibility, and that the idea of "citizen of the world" is largely empty preening. Honest-to-goodness citizenship exists only for members of a specific polity, and for the foreseeable future the world will remain divided into disparate political communities, each with its own legal system and way of life. More necessary is it to show why national identity and attachment are not only inevitable but also desirable—and for individuals, not only for the American nation. Here, the plain truth of the matter is that real life, even for those critics of America who preach liberal universalism, cannot do without the nurturing benefits of strong particularistic attachment. For the vast majority of human beings, life as actually lived is lived parochially and locally, embedded in a web of human relations, institutions, culture, and mores that define us and—whether we know it or not—give shape, character, and meaning to our lives.
"By a declaration of rights, I mean one which shall stipulate freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of commerce against monopolies, trial by juries in all cases, no suspensions of the habeas corpus, no standing armies. These are fetters against doing evil which no honest government should decline." -- Thomas Jefferson
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